Move Markers

Is there a way in Flame to move segment markers to a different video track? I have lots of markers on V1.1 but I need to cut in brand new clips. When I do so, all my markers get deleted as they’re attached to the old clip and I can’t figure out how to go about this.

Hmm. I’m not sure if it’s possible to move from timeline markers to segment markers. But to create a segment marker it’s shift-tab in default hotkeys.

There is a Markers menu on the RHS that allows you to export markers and their time code as a CSV file, but not import them :thinking:

There was a python script designed to work on CSV’s from that would import but I don’t think they would work with segment markers on particular tracks.

Thanks, that’s not what I’m asking at all. I need to move segment markers onto a different track also as segment markers as they get deleted when new clip is cut in.

I see. I don’t think that there is functionality for this.

Thank you. Anything that can help to get them off those clips I’m replacing would be a huge help! So frustrating.


Try replacing the clips that have the segment markers with SHIF-J (smoke keys)


Unfortunately I can’t do it this way as I have the clips on the layer above and wanted to drop them down onto V1.1.

99% sure this can’t be done using Flame’s native tools and as Richard @PlaceYourBetts said, the way to go is export existing markers as XML (from top of Merkers menu), open, tidy up and save as .csv, then use a bastardised version of Andy’s Python script to re-import them on your new layer.
This crops up for me every so often, and I keep meaning to deploy my woeful Python skills to do the script, but haven’t had time yet - sorry.

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I think you can unlink the original and relink to the new and the marks should remain. It should only take a few minutes. Not sure how long the piece is.