Matchbox compatibility

Hey hive,
Anyone know if the great Ivars (RIP) Mandelbox Matchbox can be updated to 2024?
They stopped working a couple versions back.

Can you be more specific? These shaders are fully executable bits of glsl code and are very much still in use and work today. The installer on Mac is a bit outdated due to Python. But you are very much able to either get them through the Logik Porta or by downloading them from the installer and manually copying and paste them to wherever you want them on your file system, or using them straight from your downloads folder.


I can only speak from Mac’s perspective.
I just copy the matchbox shader into the matchbox folder /opt/Autodesk/presets/2024.2.1/matchbox/shaders
I’m working with Flame version 2024.2.1 and it works for me.
FYI: For this process you need an admin password.

Can you confirm that the Mandelbox.crok is working?
That’s the one I can’t get working.
Was thinking of getting some more fractal formulas done as Matchbox, but need to see how the Camera is working.

hope it helps

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It seems to be working for me on Linux, but I’ve never used it before, so it’s hard to say, but it looks real cool and doesn’t crash the machine. I tried Mandelbox and Mandelbulb, downloaded from the site and through the portal. One thing: I had some trouble with the portal recently but it’s fine now that I updated to the latest. My portal is v5.6.1. Flame is 2024.2 on a Z8.

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Got it working, guess I had an old version.
Thanks all :slight_smile: