User Matchbox developers?

Hello Hive Brains,

Is there anyone developing, or interested in developing, Matchbox shaders these days? I have a couple of things I’m interested in, and would be willing to throw a couple bones if anyone is up for it.

One is a fix to an existing user MX (discrepancy of output between Linux and Mac). The other is pushing an existing MX further (iterative pixel spread).

Please DM me if you’re interested in chatting. Thanks!

@jsilbermanbaron have you dabbled with Matchbox yet? They are GLSL Shaders. This comes up from time to time around here and has been a huge gap in our community since Mark and Ivan passed away a couple years ago. If you have any specific questions about the big picture stuff DM me or lets you and me and Josh hop on a call some time to chat opportunities.

@miles is this anything you’re ever into or are you too full on these days?

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@lewis ?

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