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Patterned after Nuke grade node, offers temp/tint sliders and more

A nice Sharpening tool

A tool for procedural infill painting, great for removing objects through gradients, mostly successful on still frames due to temporal instability.

3x3 color matrix operations and channel mixer (Resolve style). Good for low level color shifts and stylistic changes.

Get color sample chips of the image in Batch.

H-M-L shader color control.

Great for smoothing out cross hairs on complex hair jobs. This tool requires placement of either end of a line that covers the area to be blurred PERPENDICLUAR to the line drawn.

Warp input based on source/destination animation. Was featured in a LogikLive.

My favourite natural looking glow. Can’t use it enough. Can be quite a heavy matchbox due to its iterative nature. Accepts an alpha input. Gives an option for Linear, Log and two options for video. Can also output glow only.

ADD MATTES TOGETHER. This tool can add up to five mattes and create a quick output of them all as one. You also get control over individual strengths of each matte by selecting the A-E pop up and adjusting the OVERALL SCALE field. 0-1

Similar tool to Ls_Vops in that it can combine many mattes (up to six inputs) and has blending mode controls for each input’s R, G, & B channels.

Great for fast and easy depth of field. Draw your own gmask depth matte or use provided depth matte for cg. Fantastic for screen comps with shallow depth of field, and can also easily create some cool tilt shift lens effects.

Synthetic skin generator for blending and skin repair via patches. See LogikLive on Beauty.

Pairs with Crok_Skin and takes care of the blur and blending of synthetic skin patches.

IBK based keying tools

Similar to Nuke dilate node

Great tool to create randomish motion when used as a source for other nodes… feed into a 2d Histo to create greyscale matte, then into a glint to generate natural feeling sparkles.

Visualize alpha channel without viewer switch in batch

QC tool to find blanking errors and can also avoid negative values.

Premult and Unpremult ops

Splits images into 3 frequencies (Color, lumps and detail) and recombines them if needed. Very useful for beauty work for instance.

Warp image based on motion vectors

Display a color overlay of a matte on a front. Wonderful to sort out multiple mattes in a comp or just a sanity check. Super convenient to use per surface in Action.

Everything I’ve ever wanted out of a blur node. It’ll do matte blurs and gradient blurs. Just an outstanding node.

one stop shop for noise textures. 20 different algorithms - really great to generate random mattes for Glints. The motion patterns vary from smooth to jagged. Can also be used to make randomized textures.

SPARKLES. Adds star based sparkles on top of highlights. Great for jewelry. Input very tiny highlights, it’s sensitive. You can animate the size of the highlight as well as the points of the star and the intensity of the light. You can comp it on top of your source in the node or Screen/Add it outside for more control. The threshold determines the amount of the source considered to generate the sparkle.
Good for text integration, the first pass with front and back feed to a blend and comp to give Edge, duplicate to create a new source from the front, and output the normal. Add the normal to action to your input 1 in screen mode, and pull light to negative Z. Give relief and relight
for all your glassy/watery/refractiony needs.

Sharpen. Its a sharpen filter. A little aggressive at its default (5) but dial it back and it will apply a sharpen filter. Why not use LS_Ash :man_shrugging:

A very quick and easy to use tool for creating a vignette

Adds noise to matte edges. Anything below 1 but above 0 can have a texture applied to it.

The thicker the glass in your lens, the slower light travels through it. Different coloured light travels at different speeds. So lets all add some chroma warp at the edges of our comps and make them appear more realistic :grin: Use the Add Distortion to have chroma warp stronger at the edges of the frame.

Master Grade
This matchbox comes to us from Autodesk :scream: and is AMAZING!!
Has custom grade options for Linear (Exposure, Contrast, Offset, Pivot), Log (Brighntess, Contrast, Gamma, Pivot) and Video (Lfit, Gamma, Gain, Offset).


@Josh_Laurence yes, each topic can be made into a Wiki.

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I love this idea. I feel like they could benefit from a very short demo video. Some matchboxes come highly recommended and then I try them and I am stumped.


If you are stumped, add a request here for a video!


If I could make a small request to matchbox designers… If you are making a new matchbox…please name it with something to do with what it does? We have enough things with nonsense names like zig, tiggly, boop, dop, deep. We could use some simple names that describe what it does. Thanks. :slight_smile:


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While we are at it…a good lottery number generator would be nice. You feed in the last 20 wins and it figures out the algorithm and outputs the next winning ticket. For when you are waiting for client feedback.

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Is the plan to actually have a user contributabel wiki? Or is this just going to turn into a crazy long mega thread?

If you tell the clients that you use the B_PimpleRemover, they would think it’s just a click. But by using the B_UltraBoobRadiatingTool it sells much more epic and professional.

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This is great. I think I might add some of these descriptions to the matchbox descriptions on the Logik Portal.


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You had me at boob.

Hi there. it looks like they have discontinued Lumps. Any good alternatives? i use it a lot

Lumps should still be usable. Lewis recently updated it.

Still there:

I think the Logik Portal list of matchbook is missing some, not sure why. The server had some traffic issues a while ago. I think it gets swamped by bot every so often…