Object Obliterator - In a Node!

I took the math behind Renee’s Object Obliterator and turned it into a Matchbox:

KE_OO.zip (35.1 KB)

I also added two things:

  • A “Blur After Divide” option that adds a secondary blur after the divide operation
  • A “Retexture” option that adds in the difference between the blurred section and the original plate

You can adjust where on the plate the retexture comes from, and how much texture is added.

Many thanks to @digitalbanshee (Renee) for showing us the technique and beta testing this Matchbox.

Comments and suggestions always appreciated!
Also available wherever Matchbox shaders are sold:



Sweet. Looking forward to using it. Thanks!

video examples of Matchbox are always appreciated.

Thank you @KuleshovEffect for your work and @digitalbanshee for sharing ! I tried and the matchbox work very nicely :slight_smile:
This trick is really useful in some situation


Awesome!!! Thank you!

Not gonna use it till it’s renamed “the Lou Hole”


In all seriousness Ted, this is awesome. Thank you.

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It should be named with reference to @digitalbanshee

Used it today. Works a treat.
Thank you for providing all of us with this tool!

Used it today Ted. Worked a treat. Thanks so much!

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Where should I install it? The Logik folder?

It will work from anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in a particular location.

When you drag the Matchbox node into the schematic, just point Flame to the folder where you put the shader.


I’ve updated KE_OO - new download link above in the OP.

  • Prevented divide-by-zero errors
  • Added ‘Proportional’ option to blurs
  • Added ‘Blur Offset’ to source the blur from a different part of the frame
  • Both offsets are now per mille (‰) instead of percent for better control

I’ll upload this to Matchbook in a week or so, in case any issues pop up.