Media Management ala YoYotta or Resolve

Here is a question for you all in regards to Media Management, which was triggered to my own response on a different thread.

Would it be useful for Flame to have an inbuilt Media Management tool, where you could move, trim and consolidate source media in a new location ala YoYotta or Resolve? At my end, all conforming is done in Resolve and we Media Manage using it (or use YoYotta for this as well at times) so it is of no benefit to me but was wondering if someone else would find it handy?

There are 2x use cases not considered that I think it could also be useful for:

Archiving. It would be so much better to archive with original source media rather than cached media. Archives would be smaller too for archives containing media.

VFX Scans/Pulls. It would be awesome to be able to give consolidated source media to VFX Artists rather than exr sequences. There are plenty of times where having access to the RAW can be super useful, such as bringing back edge detail in blown out skies for a sky replacement for example.


Yes and yes.

this should replace archiving, as simple as that.

Yes a million times.


I made here a request (with zero sucess) . At first I only think of a tool to consolidate xmls to conform them after copying only needed footage. It does not even have to be integrated into flame and could be used as an external utility. I’m even learning python with the goal of make a hook. Not complicated with the only requirement of copying a list of unique paths. Inmho, it would be one of the biggest needed to cover,
Extending that to flame managed media would be great also.

Definitely agree this would be a very useful development.


We also use Media Management in Resolve for sorting the selects from the rushes and think it would be a great feature for Flame to have.

There has been discussion before about a media consolidation to help with sending projects out but not using the highly inefficient Flame archive format.

I think both of these would be great @AdamArcher

this really needs to happen after ADSK gets done with all this transition stuff , archiving is loooong overdue for a rewrite by about 10 years, so hopefully it becomes a priority I think several tickets are open that should be voted on.

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Gather external (soft linked) media for final archive - FI-01928

Not too sure I can find the Media Management request :thinking:

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Sorry your probably right , in my mind the Media Management and archive functionally would be under the same roof and just be a function of archiving, so archiving could have functions like | gather source media place in X folder | archive to folder with project setting ie apple pro res | archive uncached (this would allow for much smaller file sizes and work similar to soft imports) | archive uncompressed (legacy) and so on I see media management under this umbrella and maybe another couple of presets I missed.

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FI-01342 Batch Group Media Management

When necessary I publish an aaf of used media-renders from Flame, and have Resolve’s Media Management build a dupe directory structure of the media.