A little request for python magicians: a consolidating tool for xml's

Hi people.

I miss a tool to consolidate material and optimize the huge tons of useless footage copied daily in our servers.

It would be a python script to consolidate footage based in editorial XML’s. Basically what old automatick duck media copy did. Automatic duck is outdated, if I’m not wrong. There are another utilities, edlspy, conformist… etc. None of them for linux.

It would be integrated in flame via a python hook, and maybe work directly on sequences. But at this time, like an initial test, it could be a simple python script. I find more interesting a simply script in python free to run under any plattform.

Basically the script would do:

  • open a XML (or several)
  • extract filepaths from the source footage used in every edits cut.
  • discard repeated items, and make a list of unique filepaths.
  • copy source clips to a desired destination path, preserving the original estrucuture of the source material.

I hope this might seem like a good idea to someone. :wink:

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I have a few of my own PHP scripts that basically do this and for years have had plans to make a standalone Qt app out of it (I already have a name for it :slight_smile:) but of course life gets in the way. At the moment it just makes shell scripts to copy media files into a folder (in my case for taking Premiere/Avid edits going to Flame for finish)

Haven’t written any C++ of significance in awhile and have been itching to get back to it… so maybe something on the distant horizon? :smiley:

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This could be helpful but I don’t think it works on Linux



Open Timeline IO can probably help here:
here are a bunch of examples:

This one in particular seems to lists clips used in a timeline:

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