ML/Semantic Key Artifacts / Caching / Flickering

Ran into problem with ML/Semantic Key in Timeline FX causing artifacts which then refused to die.

Specifically I added the ‘Face/Eyes’ ML mask to a number of clips. First adding it one clip, then saving it as preset and applying it to other clips.

Two issues arose:

  1. On some clips I ended up with offset masks. While the mask looked ok on the second window in F9, once rendered there would be ghosted eyes elsewhere in the clip for a few frames here and there. I eventually abandoned the ML masks on that sequence for now to finish the render.

  2. When I abandoned the mask I deleted all related selectives from the image schematic and made a new render, hoping this would be the end of it. Unfortunately the ghost masks continued to show up in the render. I had to go to each sequence and flush ‘render & ml cache’ to get a clean render.

Is that a known issue/limitation? Other scenarios where it would be wise to flush the cache before a render? Makes me wonder if there are other things that didn’t udpate.

This is on Flame 2024 / Linux.

Partially solved. Pilot error. There was a copy of the selective on a lower track. That explains why they didn’t go away in the renders. Which was the bigger concern.