Timeline issues

I have an offline which has a bunch of shots that I have cut out for vfx, however, when I play them, I am getting a flash of the frame before or after which doesn’t show up when going through frame by frame or on the reels.
Has anyone else experienced this, 2023.3.

Yup this is a bug when dealing with soft imported mp4s. This thread should help:

So caching fixes this? Can I just cache the clips I have cut out as the whole sequence is 35000 frames long, I’d rather not cache the whole thing.
I never saw this behaviour on 2022.

If you go to the clips you cut out and add a colour correct soft effect, and render that, then that is the equivalent of cacheing, without needing to cache the whole clip. That way when you scrub through it Flame is referencing rendered frames rather than the source mp4. It should also be quicker and more responsive since flame is better optimised for dealing with it’s own media rather than a soft imported mp4.

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Thats really going to be a ball ache, there are 65 clips to deal with!

Another way you could do it is select all the clips, right click and choose consolidate handles. Then set it to 0 and consolidate.

Then right click again and choose Media, Cache Source Media (Current) That will cache just the parts of the clips you have selected.