Logik Portal whitelist web address

Hi, my system doesnt see the internet for security reasons, but it does have various AD addresses whitelisted in the firewall so we can license etc. I cant however access Logik Portal.
Does anyone know the path we can use to allow access to LP through our firewall?
lp error


Paging @MikeV, am I correct in assuming based on the old GitHub site, that would be…

…as directed by GitHub - logik-portal/python_scripts: Python Scripts for Flame?

Yea, I moved all the scripts off of Github to Dropbox. Github was kind of a pain to keep updated. I have Dropbox set to automatically update with scripts whenever a new one is added to the Portal. So that’s the place to go to get scripts if you’re unable to get onto the Portal because of being blocked by a firewall.


I had this same problem. I dug through the source code and found it. IT whitelisted and it worked. Don’t remember what it was though.

Try whitelisting this address:



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hi Mike,
IT have added this to the whitelist, all seems to be working now.

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