Mobile Flame Suite

Hey guys, looking for pictures setups for mobile Flame/Generalist suites just to get inspiration. Its just something I theorize, as even pre pandemic clients did not really like to travel to a suite anymore. And there also is a lot of onset vfx, editing and pregrading(with stuff here shifting from commercials to more netflix type stuff as well…) .

for onset the classical dit/vtr/ magliner setup is fine but if I need to drive to a client for some flameing thats sort of

Just wondering how something like that could look like, would probably be a mac based system, with 1 gui and a reference monitor, could be build into a van even, everything flies just brainstorming here.

Gotte be more elaborate than a iMac Pro with a transport case though :stuck_out_tongue: looking more towards the higher end

Hah, you’d be the Jason Blum of Flame

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thats sliiick!!

image image

thats some stuff that I find pretty coool

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It always depends on what your version of mobile is:
My Linux box has always lived in a roadcase on wheels but my laptop fits in my motorcycle pannier.
I’ve used both in many locations for the last ten years.
The most expensive case is likely to be for your monitors, and the bigger it is, the less mobile it becomes.


Also of note, there’s a lot to be learned from camera teams.
I like to roll my roadcase in to a situation and only require one cable to power and one or two cables for networking.
Everything else is on my rig.
When the project is over I can disconnect without drama.
Think of it like adding your laptop to someone’s WiFi router and then walking out of the door when your project is over.
Your mobile rig should be able to extricate itself from a VFX environment almost as painlessly as that.


yea i have been going to different places again and again , from onset to agencies e.t.c with laptops, iMacs, trashcans, z840s… but I want to go a step further and transport like the whole suite experience, I worked as a DIT for a few years, but the whole DIT-CARt situation doesnt scream “we will finish a film here” so I think mobile hero suite rather than mobile flame setup if that makes sense

leave the gear at home base, use it with RGS via StarLink satellite.

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You need to work with different teams.
Transporting a hero suite is like putting a pyramid on wheels for a pharaoh that doesn’t want to be buried.
Work with teams that know that you can get the data on set, finish in the hotel room, and then present in the hotel ballroom.

Yep, bandwidth permits that now.
Who’d have thought that anyone could do flame remotely…

haha I like it!

Oracle just released this:

Oracle RED

I have couple of things that look remarkably like their press pictures, similarly spec’ed too.

But I certainly can’t compete with $160/day.