Mocha pro subtraction

For all those Mocha masters out there, just curious I am doing a planar tracker and have sent out some roto and got it back the thing I am wondering about can I input that outside matte and use it as a subtract to holdout the planar track, I know I can do it with built in shapes but curious about inputs from rendered mattes?

Are you talking about in the mocha app? Or inaction?

within mocha

Hum. I’ve never done that within mocha. Maybe a shortcut would be to pipe into the ofx only the data you need. Image and matte with black everywhere else. I’m not at my computer at the moment.

Yes you can. Import your matte clip (Clip tab > Import). Select the layer you’re tracking. In the Layer Properties, there is a “Matte clip” option where you can select your imported matte clip.

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thanks david, so once I import the mattes do I just put that layer as subtract then add a gmask below it and that will occlude , it seems I can draw a shape once I import the matte.