Importing roto in Mocha Pro

Does anyone know how to import some roto that’s already been done in say a gmask, in Mocha Pro as a holdout matte for tracking? I know you can import a rendered clip of roto, but wondered if it can all be kept within batch without having to render out the roto as a clip first?

Export the “shape” in Mocha using the “Flame Tracer (Shape +Axis)” selected. You’ll get a Gmask Tracer setup you can load that will have all your splines and tracked axis. If you built the Mocha layers with B-splines, you’ll have the EXACT same splines in Flame. If you used X-splines, you’ll see many more control points on the Gmask due to the differences in the maths converting X to B splines.

Pretty sure the last time I tried to figure it out the answer was no. Makes a certain amount of sense… why import from another package when you can start it all in mocha from the get go.

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Hi there… I think you’re answering the problem the other way around. I want to import an alpha to use in Mocha, not export to use in the Gmask.

Yep… seems a shame thought that you can’t feed a rendered alpha clip or a gmask in one of the inputs on the Mocha node.

Full disclosure though I was using Mocha Stand-alone. The OpenFX may use the matte input, but I’d imagine if you’re asking here you’ve already tried that.

Yeah you would think that would work… Maybe it does, but I’ve not found a way yet!

@Brattesani Is AMAZING with Mocha…maybe give him a shout!?

Thank you, I will.

Hello Grant -
It can be done, but kinda wanky. You need to export the Roto as a Jpg sequence and then re-import it into the desired Mocha Insert layer.
At this point, It will respect pre rendered matte as an occlusion.
Then start your Mocha track.

OFX matte layer input will not do the trick.

Best -

Joey Brattesani
Flame Artist

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Hey @Brattesani, @grantconnor was trying to see if there was a way other than pre-rendering and exporting a sequence. Sounds like there’s not.

Yeah that’s the way I learnt from the video tutorial, just wondered if I could feed a gmask or clip straight from batch instead, but there doesn’t seem to be unfortunately! Thanks anyway.