MONITORS (which ones do people like)

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Hey Randy,
Thanks for that, love this, congrats on getting it going.

Our pleasure. Thanks for showing up and sharing!

I use an ASUS PA329C. It has a 32" UHD panel that calibrates nicely and hits 100% of Rec709/DCI-P3 and over 80% of 2020. The important thing is to make sure to turn off local dimming which is it’s main weak point.


Nice! Have a link to the refurb site? Thank you!

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Hiya @Los, I don’t have it handy and Im delivering something right now but I do remember finding it easily on the Google. Have a quick search and let us know if you find it.

Thanks found it.

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I’m seriously loving my LG ultra wide 5k. Perfect size for working hd up to 4K. I tried the apple big monitor but didn’t like the aspect ratio. Once you get used to an ultra wide it’s very difficult to work any other way. This LG is perfect.

Hi Jon, can you tell me the model number for that monitor. I have an LG 27inch 4k and loving it but want to go wide screen.

LG UltraWide 34WK95U 34-inch Monitor- 5K2K 21:9 UHD 5120x2160 Nano IPS, VESA DisplayHDR 600, Thunderbolt,

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yeah but what color Jon? :slight_smile:

Lots of colours. Millions in fact.

Eizo CG318-4K over here. If you do cinema, then the DCI-P3 and XYZ color spaces are super useful. Alre aedy racked over 10,000 hours on it… :frowning:

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I covet thy monitor that costs more than my car.

It’s not a luxury on our end, its truly mission-critical to make sure everything looks right and all color space conversions/trims/wb are appropriate. On the flip side, I don’t have a program monitor in my room.


Bumping this as it’s been super helpful -thanks everyone who contributed thus far. A new monitor is hitting the market in Jan 022 and I wondered what you think of the proposed specs. I am not very techy and not sure if this is really just a gaming monitor. It seems well priced for the proposed features. You can take a look here: SPECTRUM FULL SPECS – Eve

@Jonhollis - your LG reco looks interesting, any comments on calibration accuracy for REC709 deliverables and what do you use with it for calibration? I’m looking to streamline my work desk and get rid of my Barco broadcast monitor and wondering if this single widescreen monitor could cut it? You seem happy so this solution looks that much more tempting :wink:

From specs I would not bother with “new kid on a block” monitor - can be a good gaming monitor with perfect price, but nothing you couldn`t get from what we have at stores already.

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Quinn, Are you able to color calibrate the PD3200u? Any other tidbits about this monitor that you like/dislike since you posted this? Much thanks!

You guys are giving good insights and a variety of screens.
At my previous shop, we used the PVM-X2400 as the client monitor and an Eizo (I don’t remember the exact model) for Flame and to be honest, even though I understand all the technology and precision of the Trimaster, I still can’t understand how it can cost 13K euros…

Hi there. I’ve ditched the lgs now. Now using the apple XDRs as my main computer monitor. Gorgeous picture and lines up well to hatch my Sony x300 mk2. I can actually use it on its own without the Sony. It’s such a great monitor.