32 inch widescreen UI monitor

Hello all,

I’m looking to expand my viewing UI monitor and was wondering what everyone is using at the moment. I’d like to get one of the Apple XDR’s but they are well out of my budget.

32 inch widescreens look very nice.

What would you recommend to buy for no more than $2k

I have been using an LG 34UM95p 34" Ultrawide (3440x1440) for the past 5/6yrs and its been fantastic. I know its probably old tech now, but I would not hesitate to get another!


I’ve been using this for a few months and it is spectacular. You can get it on the Dell Outlet for $1500.

I use the same and it’s great


I don’t recall the exact model ,i have something like this BenQ SW321C @ work.

I picked up a used one when the pandemic started. Love the thing!

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Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

So, with the larger 40inch display do you find the curvature of the screen being an issue especially with graphic type work?

Mines flat, and my colleagues got a slightly smaller but curved one (ooh err mrs) …I don’t like the curved one. Feels wrong and its not as easy to judge a straight line.

I don’t do graphic work. The dell has a very subtle curve, I don’t think it would be a problem ever.

I once put a 32inch Apple cinema display on flame and I found that it was too big because I had to move my head a lot more side to side and up down. That was one of the complaints in those days with that monitor too. Do you find that the curvature addresses that complaint?

Suppose it depends how close you sit to the screen. I have mine at a good arms length away and find its really comfortable…not much head moving unless its to look at the broadcast monitor on the right or the 27”dell on the left (which is used for email, etc…i leave flame in single screen mode)

Thanks @Alan
I was looking into the specs and noticed that the dell has a KVM built in. Have you used it? It would be cool to have a second computer plugged into it. Does the keyboard and mouse follow too?

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I have a few dells with the built in kvm. It only works between the USB 3 and hdmi or usb3 and DisplayPort inputs, not the DisplayPort and hdmi inputs. It’s helpful sometimes but not for everything. Yes, kvm is keyboard video and mouse.

WOW anyone using this monitor