2K Monitor recommendations?

Hi all - I’m new to this forum so forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong section. I’m looking for recommendations for a 2K Monitor - reading reviews online is a but frustrating as it seems everyone hates everything so figure I’d post here. I’m working remote with Flame and Resolve and logging into the systems in LA which have the ability to play out as 2K instead of the HD monitor they sent me so was looking to upgrade for my own personal benefit. Any recommendations would be great!

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Howdy Chad! This is the perfect place to post. And if it isn’t, it’s no big deal. It matters more that you get help then put something in the right place.

What’s your budget? These seem to be the favorites around here. As you are aware, it can be tricky to buy nice monitors and then have to connect remotely and it only supports 1920x1200.

So, you may want something smaller and and a little bit nicer and something bigger and really nice for working locally if that ever comes up.

Eizo CG series
Dell u3219
BenQ PV Series
LG Ultrawides (not helpful for remote)
HP Dreamcolor series

HI Randy!
Nice to talk to you again after all these years! I was thinking about getting one for myself before all this happened so budget wise at the time I was looking in the $400ish range but it certainly seems for our company (or at least for me) that remote will be long term so not adverse to spending on a good monitor for long term use. One of the guys out there recommended the LG Ultragear. I currently have a Asus that they sent me and noticed there’s a ProArt 27" of this available as well.

I know it’s been a few right? If it’s unlikely you will ever drive a local machine, then I’d stick with a Dell or BenQ in a 27inch size. The LG Ultragear does look nice but don’t have experience with them. Lotsa LG users here though.