More Reference Monitoring Possibilities with AWS CDI | December 2022 Update

Howdy Logik,

Flame now supports AWS CDI.

With AWS CDI support for high-quality, low latency reference monitoring on AWS instances, you can achieve improved collaboration & accelerated creative reviews and approvals.

Learn more about the update:
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Update to Flame 2023.3 in Autodesk Account

SO to @gizmorivera for the great shot.


thats between 2 aws instances however as I read it obv not back to your home, i wonder how that will be working in practice.

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Using some open source tools I can get a color accurate 4K broadcast monitor signal, glass-to-glass, office-to-home of about 16 frame latency. Could probably get that to 14 frame if I eliminate the cloud relay server.

Any tools you’re willing to share? Jus started my search on what is out there.

UltraGrid on GitHub combined with SRT

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Ultragrid is the way for like the most badass DIY alternative to stream flame from A to B hands down.

Also take a look at nimble streamer as a more easy to deploy and more friendly to clients as its easy to throw on a website, I get around 1s or so end-to-end latency with it and its easy and lean. ultragrid is more point to point

You can do point-to-multipoint using the “reflector” capability with UltraGrid. I’ve scripted up a nice little system that uses a cloud VM as a reflector/relay for this purpose. So single stream going out of the office, then the cloud bounces it to all the recipients.

Nimble is great if you want to stream into a webpage. If you want to stream output to HDMI/SDI or as an appliance, UltraGrid.

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jup exactly.