Motion Vectors stretching

Hey brain,
Anyone know of a genius way to get rid of the stretching that can occur with motion vectors?
Would be great if there was a threshold option that controlled the amount of stretching allowed.

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Feed in Motion Anaylysis upstream where you have more granular controls?

Still nowhere near enough control.
Problem occurs when things move away from each other, then it kinda makes a rubber band that just keeps stretching and doesn’t go away. That’s what I wanna get rid of.
Looks awesome on some things, but doesn’t work on the stuff I’m doing now.
I’m projecting something onto animating fractals, so mattes is not an option, far too complex.

Do you mean in action? There’s a little softness slider that lets you do that.

Was trying to attach a screenshot, but that didn’t seem to work.

Imagine two boxes standing on top of eachother, then they start to move apart.
If I track that with motion vectors, the result will be a perfect track, BUT, they will look connected when adding the projection. The result will not only show the things moving apart, there will be kind of a thick rubberband still holding them together. Sorry hard to explain…

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Ah…sorry about that @Jesper…the forum sometimes gets a big aggressive with its security and keeps new users from uploading images. Try again, should be working now.


Thanks Randy, will try and be more active :wink:

So, I need to get rid of the streaks between the two boxes.
This is just a mockup, and of course this one could be easily fixed with a matte, but I’m projecting onto a transforming fractal, so mattes are not an option.

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Yeah, sadly gmask is not an option as I’m projecting onto transforming fractals, way too complex for masking.

Reverse the shot maybe?