Cleaning up Motion Vectors?

Is there anyway to clean up motion vectors…perhaps using Paint?

I have a Motion Vector map that has a weird bit of motion right in the middle of the shot that doesnt seem related to anything within the shot, and its buggering up the Projection i am using it with.

I tried to patch that little bit up using a paint node and the cached map, but when i bring this into action its completely screwed up as an MV Map.

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How about masking out that part with a gmask before caching?

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When you go to paint you might be downconverting to 16 bit? Maybe mask out the dodgy section and blur it (32 bit matchbox blur) or fill in with a bit of the earlier cached mv pass? But keep an eye on the adaptive icons for bit deprh.


Have you denoised first?


In addition to Randy’s comment, try also converting footage to rec709 or log before caching motion vectors.

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Thanks for the great suggestions.
After looking again, the source had a horrible particle effect added that was causing the issue. I reckon the gmask idea will be perfect for this.

And very surprisingly the vendors have come through with the rushes, so i can rebuild the entire edit without any of the myriad post-applied nightmare!

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Recently I cut out some bs frames that were messing up the vectors and made new in betweens with @talosh ’s Machine Learning Fluid Morph, then Motion Vectored that.

Or fill it with black. That works too.


Oh…didn’t think a black hole would work…but i suppose theres nowt in there moving so why not!

Yup. Typically static masks only. Animated masks, sometimes for me, cause edge problems.