Mov Gamma issue | HD - 709 | ColourSync not working

Hi Guys,

I thought this ColourSync Compatible would solve my problems, but my movies still look different. I have movies target to Rec709 exported and I still got a slight gamma difference. The strange is when I import the movie it looks ok. 

On the older versions of Mac I just had to change the Display Profile to HD-709, and my movies would match the Flame gamma. The problem is we don't have this profile HD-709 anymore. 

Does anyone know how do I install this profile? Or have any idea how can I fix it? 

Thank you Guys and have a nice week ahead…

This is a big topic that attracted a lot of discussion on this thread:

Gamma issues with .mov / colorspace metadata in Quicktimes / NCLC tags

Changing the ColourSync profile on the mac is an interesting approach. I can’t remember if this was mentioned but maybe there is some useful info.

Funny thing is i don’t think that fixing the ColourSync locally would change how other people see it? The major problem is how do you control the look of your media and the general consensus was that it is pretty fucked. Especially when you consider that media might get uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo and get viewed on a Mac or PC.

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Yeah man. I used to change my profile to HD 709A and there was a match between my Flame Video view with a movie I exported. There is no HD-709A anymore on the new ImacPros.

Now regarding if it will look the same on other computers I don’t know man, that is a good point.

I am gonna go through this thread and see if I find something. Thank you…

Imac pro also has a p3 display, so you cant ever watch anything rec709 uncorrected or it would be saturated like candy :slight_smile:

Yea as others said there is way more to it.