Clips are blowing up a bit when i view them on Mac

Hi, Im working on Flame 2024 running on Linux. Whenever i export a prores 422 HQ, the colors are going off while converting. Im converting a H264 and a mp4 and colors are opening a bit in gamma
and then when i bring those converted files on edit and compare them on timeline they are perfect.
I know its some conversion issue but client being client always compare.
Is there any work around or any sort of setting which needs to be followed?
Please help.

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Might be the primary tags. Not next to a box at the moment, so cant take screen shots, check if the QTs are showing as 1-1-1 or 1-2-1. Depending on deliverables you might want to enable or disable the Color Sync option.

Not sure if this will help out. But worth a shot.

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From another thread : Quicktime NLC tags

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disable colorsync compatible it should always be off and imho it should be removed from the software in favour of a netadata tag selector like resolve has.

What you are seeign between prores and a mp4 you make from it is a mismatch in nclc tags, if you pull in both files into batch they will look identical.

to get consistent colors in SDR only 1-1-1 tags (rec709) are correct.

Flame viewer in the Gui is doing stuff it quiet frankly should not so you most likely see a incorrect image in the GUI allready (most likely because it depends on manyyy things).

The resulting quicktime with 1-1-1 looking “less contrasty” is not a bug its a feature from apple that many dislike, i have complained for years about the inconsistencies between iOS and macOS in that regard.

What they do woth this is to remove the inherent 1.22 gamma boost or “ootf” to make the picutre appropriate for outdoor viewing as they think most of their customers watch movies outside or something ( i am not even kidding)

If you have a xdr display you can enter your own display ootf and thus get reference response… for example using the rec709 reference preset but thats not compatible with flame (nice…) as flame doesnt send correct data to macOS (i made a thread about that somewhere)

anyhow - for your own sanity pull clips into a clean batch, bypass viewer or use “unknown” colorspsce tags for both, they match? you are good, the rest is a macos-metadata thing.


Thank you guys!
this links and knowledge were very much informative.
For now what i did is I took the prores files in resolve and exported again with rec709 tag and then the conversion was perfect.
Im still trying to find a sure shot solution to this. Any other leads would be great!

sure shot is to turn off colrosync compatible :slight_smile: then you have consistent results everywhere