Moving projects from one flame to another

I am installing a new flame and want to find the fastest and easiest way to move projects from my old flame to the new one.
I know I can archive and restore.
Is there a way to just drag a project from 1 box to the next?

at least in our infrastructure, it is faster to archive/restore than to wire. There is a bug which we haven’t reported, the makes the Wire go at 100MB/s speed instead of the 25Gb fiber that all the machines are connected at.


I agree with @ALan archive your project and then do a project restore.

There is a way to wire from one machine to the next. In MediaHub you can select the project tab and see if you can see your other Flame.

It has been a while since I have done it this way but it seems you can only grab segments like the Desktop or a Library so the archive would be a much better way to go.

I can see the machine.
but i do not see any projects.

Is this a new thing in 2023?

100MB/s wire sounds brutal. I’m in the other camp, wiring at 40GB/s but I’ve yet to see an archive server that can handle multiple flames writing out at that speed.

Yeah… but we rarely need to do that since we use a central project server. Really only times we have had to wire is when we switched from one old S+W server to a new one. That’s why I never bothered to follow up with support.

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tell me more about this central server. im interested.

sort by date and watch. the old stuff is no longer applicable.