Updating from Linux 2021 to Mac 2023

Hi I will shortly be updating our flame system from Linux 2021.2.2 to Mac 2023 and I was wondering if I need to archive all the projects before upgrading or if I can perhaps copy the project files to the new system . Then when I load them they can convert to the new 2023 project files. I am sure the correct way is to archive everything but just wondering if any mavericks have risked it and it was fine. These projects are mostly just review timelines. Also is it actually possible. Thanks in advance. Jt

I find arching and restoring to be more reliable than converting projects.

I would not risk project conversion as I’ve had it fail a number of times.

I was thinking of copying the stone as well and then project convert. Even simple projects you wouldn’t recommend? Maybe make a backup of the old projects. Then try the convert . That way I can at least . Go back and archive the full projects . After the fact?

I have had bad luck trying to convert projects as I upgrade software, and this is across the same machine. I can’t imagine it gets better when moving from different machines.

My vote is firmly in the “archive everything, upgrade the software, restore everything” camp.