Want to move my projects and stone to another system

Have some issues with one of our machines. But I see the systemdrive when hooking it up to another machine (OS X). Thinking they both got same flame 2022.2 and they are on the same network etc.

Is it possible to copy over the follwing folders:


To the other machine and then move over the raid for stonefs and make sure its included in the flame setup cfg?

Or are there more folders that needs to be moved over? Thinking that all the other folders are the same on both systems…

Possible? or am I missing something?

Unless some expert answer , the easy way , from a user perspective , is archive / restore your proyects. Media management is complex and obscure for the human side. There are even hidden files involved. I have seen nothing but red frames with any try to manage manually projects and media. But maybe I am wrong.

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Old system does not boot in its current state…

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At least you can save your user folder by just creating a new user with the exact name, then copying the old one into it.
Dunno if projects would work the same way, could be a try to recover the internal structure.

Does this help?

Thanks looks difficult. I managed to mount the system drive on my trashcan and boot from it there so problems solved for now. My workstation needs a new motherboard as it looks so will work on this sys drive on the trash until I get a new one and then move it back.

Not the best solution I guess but a working one. just took me 20 some hours to figure out. :slight_smile: