Rough day writing files

Was adding the finishing touches and having a rough day getting any files rendered/written.

Batch with 2x RED 3K files. Doing Neat, some comps, an action, nothing super fancy. I can play through the entire comp without problem, all 885 frames. But then I wanted to render it, and it crashed around frame 600. So then I tried to narrow it down to pre-render Neat. Tried rolling back to previous version of Neat. And ever since, any render node I add causes a crash within the first 150 frames. Even tried to just render out the footage without any processing, same thing. Also tried a write file on a different drive, same end result.

Looked through the logs, and all it says that Flame got a signal to die, but no pertinent error messages that would hint at specific problem.

This is on a Mac Studio running OS 12.6, which has been quite stable for me. Flame 2024.2. It’s just this batch seems haunted. Could be the RED files, maybe I’ll try transcoding them.

Welcome any suggestions.

Hmm. Something similar happened to me with Neat the other day but Flame didn’t crash, it just rendered black.

I had been recycling Neat Video nodes and just updating the settings for each shot. I ended up loading a fresh Neat in a fresh Batch and that did the trick.

Hmm. For your case, sounds different.

Sounds like the clip itself is fecked up somehow. Have you tried reloading in the R3D? Or, can you delayer it somewhere else to see if it’s happy in Resolve or somewhere else?

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That’s what I’m trying right now. Doing a ProRes transcode in Resolve, and also doing Neat there in a separate render, just to isolate. It’s some odd high-speed RED clip. So could be it.

I’ve had issues where there has been a bad frame in the source, but scrubbing doesn’t show it. If you play the source down at half, or 1/3 speed it usually shoes itself as a checkerboard. Is the source cached or on an external drive?

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That must have been the problem. With the transcodes from Resolve it runs through without issue.

All these random things that can cost you an hour or two you didn’t plan on.