MX for luma key in Action

Hello. I’m looking for a way to extract luma keys from a media input with MX/SFX in Action. I have many different patches, each needing its own distinct luma key values. I’d rather avoid having a separate Batch luma key and Action media input for each of these surfaces, which slows things down. I’m hoping to just add a surface from 1 media input, dial in a luma key to taste for that one individual surface.

I’ve looked through the ADSK and Logik MX’s and haven’t found anything. Any ideas?
There may very well be a technical limitation to MX that simply won’t produce what I need in Action.

No reason for luma key not to work in MX or action. A MX has meta data that indicates whether it supports action, and found that most MX default that to false. Not sure if that is intentional, or everyone is just copy / pasting.

Having said that, I think you can take the selective that is in Image and use that in Action too, which has the diamond keyer which has luma presets that can easily be dialed in.

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Thanks Jan, I’ll check it out.

Could look like this, you get there by dragging in background media and adding ‘selective’ from node bin, and using the standard shadow/min/high preset in the diamond key. And then replace Master Grade to taste with whatever you have to do.

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 8.43.44 PM

Have you considered the Modular Keyer in Action?

Or if its just luma keys off each input maybe gmask tracer in action can do it for you.