Any user Matchbox developers out there?

Anyone left still making matchboxes? I’m looking for one MX to be modified so that it works properly with Selectives in Action using gmask strength. The MX is K_BlurMask, or y_blurs, and I think it’s a matter of assigning its input options differently.

I’d be happy to compensate for the time.

My original post about it is here:

Thanks in advance!

K_BlurMask is by @kyleobley based on the code comments. He is a regular on the forum. Maybe he would be willing to upgrade it?

If not, I can take a look. I recently upgraded one of my own shaders to work properly in selective, so I’m familiar with the process.

Do you have a timeline in which you need that? As in you’re in the middle of a project with deadline, or is this just a near-term desire to improve a workflow?

Oh thanks for responding, Jan. There is no urgency. But it is something that I’d use all the time.
I’ll ask Kyle.

Can you let us know which shaders you upgraded for selective please? It’s super helpful functionality, I wish they all had it.

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Ideally it would be y blurs or the MD blur inside that get upgraded, just bc they already have so much more functionality. But K BlurMask might be the easiest one to modify.

I made the the color_compressor shader selective compatible.

I have to double check if it’s updated on the logik site, since I have a hard time accessing it most times.

But it’s not material for most shaders. Blur shaders are the ones that benefit from it the most. Essentially shaders that have an operations that’s independent from just the mix value. Outside of that, if properly coded, any shader can pickup the selective mask and use it just for the blending mix.

I can definitely have a look. Thanks for posting the example code @allklier , it looks pretty straight forward just multiplying by the the selective.

As for y_blurs, that’d be @miles whose implementation is indeed superior and has more bells and whistles.

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Both matchboxes should do this. Right click on surface and add selective, chose the shader. Go into the shader options and change the Matte from Matte to Selective. Of course you probably want the matte input to work LOL.


Hey Miles! Thanks. Kyle reworked his so its strength is driven by the gmask. And I’ve gotten yours to work as well, though they process a little differently. Thanks very much to you both.