Action DOF tool -- time for an upgrade?

The DOF tool in Action (under Rendering tab) used to be so slow on previous generation hardwares, that I never tried using it in production. I just tried it on current maxed out hardware, and it’s quite usable – which is great for what I need on this job (doing 3d scene previs animations with 3d geo that CG will match to).

But this tool could really use a refresh. Things like:
• DOF aspect ratio for anamorphic
• Kernel input
• Chromatic aberration
• Highlights gain
• Cranking Samples (misleadingly grouped just under Motion Blur), anything above 50 and the tool breaks.

What would of course be better is if this were GLSL, and you could achieve the functionality with Camera FX, attaching MX to your camera. This way you could really customize your DOF with multiple matchboxes, etc.

Short of that though, the bullet points above would be a tremendous advancement.


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Umm. The physical defocus is more or less there though, isn’t it?

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Ah of course - I was searching for MX’s with “depth” in the name not “defocus”. Thanks, Sinan.

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Hello Greg-Paul,

This situation is one of the reason we have added the Search Widget inside the application. In Action, you could have opened it, type Depth and the first result would have been Physical Defocus.


Thanks @fredwarren . I used Physical Defocus on several shots w/ 3d geo in Action this weekend. I found that artifacting and edge bliips, etc. occurs quite a lot when trying to achieve narrow DOF – especially trying to significantly adjust Far Defocus or Far Max. I haven’t been able to find a good way of mitigating it.

Is this something that’s known? Or is there another tool I should try? (I believe I’ve tried everything that appears related.)

I had same stuggles on my last project, each dof tool
I tried had other issues and was problematic for me.

All comes back to me really wanting arnold GPU even just a way more basic version as a option for action…

Vray for nuke is absolutely amazing to have, even if its basic, would make flame so mucy better when doing CG stuff and they allready have the IP :stuck_out_tongue:


This ^^

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Last I checked, Vray Nuke is a dead product and not available after Nuke 13

even more reason for adsk to do it then :smiley: foundry has bought pgbokeh … so they now have the absolute best post defocus tool hands down… with deep support and everything.

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yet another reason serious VFX are done in Nuke

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