My latest PCB designs (bfx screeshots)

Shared it on fb but here it goes again… Can you guess what type of shots these are?


Crowd duplications? Yikes!!!

my first thought was Stereoscopic.

101 Frames of White?

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I’m gonna guess crowd shots. I remember a thread on Logik FB about using particles for crowds. Is this it?

Crowd shots it is. 47 (forty-seven) motion controlled takes of the actor and 16 layers of the same actor for crowd generated by particles…

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It would be really interesting to see the shot after the fact. Like most here I find the process just as intriguing as the result.

Wow. Interesting. Mind if I ask a really dumb question?


The actor has different outfits and different characters. Due to not being able to shoot with more than 5 people because of the pandemic the script has been changed to incorporate one actor in many different roles. The background has particles for a crowd of around 15.000…


Whoa! Now that makes sense. You are one adventurous soul!

Can’t wait to see it!