My VFX Shot List Template - Poor Man's Shot Grid on Google Sheets

Hi all,

I’m sharing the Template for my VFX Shot List that I’ve made on Google Sheets - in the hope that others might find it useful. It’s for teams who don’t have Shot Grid or similar.

[Edit] - Here’s an unlocked DEMO VERSION which shows it off a bit better than the empty one above. note: the SHOTS page takes a few seconds to load.

I’ve been slowly developing this over the last few years and use it on every job I lead.

I use it before the shoot to create plates lists, on set to record camera info, and then use it back in the studio to manage the project and track shot progress across teams of artists. It can also generate a client friendly simplified PDF of notes to accompany WIP exports.

So far it’s been designed and used for advertising projects (so projects with < 100 shots and about 5 - 30 artists).

I’ve added some simple setup instructions on the Project Info page to help with getting started.

If anyone finds it useful, please let me know on here. I’m happy to answer any questions if anybody has any.



It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

@leovfx Thank for sharing.
Have you look into Kitsu? Your template reminded me of it. I know is a bit more involved to setup, but doable. They provide clear instructions on how to setup. I used it for personal projects, but have done a couple of projects between two or three artists, hosting a small server at home.

It looks like that costs 279 euros a month

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It’s actually free and open source. You pay only if you want to us CGWire’s services.

I see. They keep that pretty quiet on their website. :grinning:
I’m happy with my spreadsheet thanks but I’m sure others will choose Kitsu.

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Thanks for sharing this, looks pretty great.

Thanks for the share @leovfx

Leeeeeooooo. Nice one mate! Although disappointed you didn’t do it all with expressions! Great to see you on here, hope you’re doing ace bro.

Hey Rufus! It’s actually full of expressions. You know me.


I made a DEMO VERSION that’s unlocked so anybody that wants to can play with it.

Thought this might be more interesting than the empty template I shared yesterday

Have you tried airtable?

You could import your Google sheet into it and automatically build a relational database with it. I used to use Google Sheets, have tried FTrack and NIM, but now use and love airtable. Very powerful database tool with the feel of a spreadsheet. So bloody good. You can view information in all sorts of different ways and even send live links out if you want to share information from it to be viewed in a certain way.

There are free options too.

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Interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks