Ingesting plates with Resolve and Writing EXRs for VFX

Hey everyone, I made a tutorial on how to ingest Plates from various different cameras for VFX using ACES.

I keep seeing questions regarding this, and the same theories apply to NukeStudio or Baselight, Flame e.t.c as well.

Its really all about getting RAW stuff into watever with minimum loss. and we get that through the power of Aces!

I hope this is useful to some of you, do give me feedback or send me questions as its the first tutorial I have ever done !

Thank you!


brilliant - thanks Finn. The info has made things a lot clearer for me when converting braw into something i can use in Flame.

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Thanks @finnjaeger.
This was an excellent video. I have just been given a Blackmagic 6k pocket camera to put through its paces and your video has certainly helped me out heaps.

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