Flame 2022 NDI - OBS Studio crash on startup

Hi guys,

did you manage to setup and start OBS Studio on Mac?
After installing the NDI plugin and setting up Flame as a source OBS Studio keeps crashing on startup.


Hi Nastuh,

I actually had tons of problems with OBS Studio on Mac and NDI in general. I found that loads of people have complained and reported it to OBS Studio.

If you were to use the NDI VIDEO MONITOR on mac, it works perfectly with the Flame NDI Output. So we know Flame is not the problem.

NDI works much better with the windows version of OBS Studio including Flame.


Hi Grant,

yes NDI Video Monitor works fine.
Ok, I have to test it on Windows.


Whilst I love OBS, it is a absolutely BRUTAL with OBS on Mac regarding NDI. Weeks ago during testing I spent days trying to sort through all of the secret handshakes and driver versions and OBS versions and just bailed.

Fun fact. Streamlabs OBS, which, is a slightly more polished front end for OBS, worked great if I recall. So, its not Flame, it’s not NDI, its vanilla OBS for Mac.

Thanks Randy, I tried Streamlabs now and it works on Mac.
How do yo use it to get the stream to the client? Do you stream to youtube or embed the stream in Teams/ Zoom?

If you are doing a conference call based meeting like zoom, alot of these streaming apps can convert their outputs in a virtual webcam. Just look for the option.

Once that is enabled, you would go into your chat app like zoom and set your video to the virtual webcam and job done!

If you intend to stream straight out to YouTube, then most of the streaming apps have the internal ability to do that too. Just look up their instructions and off you go!


In stream labs. There is a setting for the vitural camera. You have to turn that on. Then zoom and others will see it as a web camera.

Hey. Let me know if audio works for you.

As soon as I select the OBS virtual camera in Teams it crashes.

But I have a solution now for video & audio.
You don’t need OBS studio or Streamlabs.
Just install NewTekNDIVirtualInput.pkg from the NDITools.
You will get virtual devices which you can use in any program that supports webcam input.


I do all of those options and more. I bounce around to a lot of companies in each has their own way. Some stream it to zoom, some stream it to google teams, some to Skype. And then personally I’ve been testing stream labs OBS to twitch and YouTube for personal project.

Audio works.
Install NewTekNDIVirtualInput.pkg from the NDITools and start.
In Streamlabs or OBS Studio select instead of NDI source → Video Capture Device and then NDI Video.
You will get audio and video and can stream to any platform or Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.

The image quality in Teams is really bad and the delay/ latency while streaming to Youtube makes it unusable for remote client approvals.

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So my best experience has been with Zoom and a Google.

I’ve got a few different use cases. Sometimes I present to clients, sometimes I share screens for training, and sometimes I stream for a Logik event. Each platform has its pros and cons for each type of sharing situation.

I’ve done all the install, but selecting NDI video as video capture yields no results. any suggestions.

Hi Grant,
I beg to differ. I can get NDI out with audio from adobe premiere no problem, after I set the audio output in to OBS stream labs (Mac) and OBS on a PC. But there has been no way I can get flame audio out to OBS in anyform.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time.


Hi Brooks,

By choosing to output Audio via NDI in the Flame Setup menu just does it. We are all using the same SDK supplied by NDI so there should be no difference as far as I am aware.

I would also check what audio settings are being seen in the Flame preferences menu.

If that fails, please log a support call with Autodesk Support team so we can investigate this issue.



By the way, what software are you using to monitor the NDI signal?

Have you tried the standard NDI video monitor?



Thanks Grant. The NDI works fine with NDI montior, video and audio. It just will not work in any obs program.

Problem is repeatable on my MacBook too.

Which one are you using, OBS Studio or Streamlabs?


  1. Start NDI Virtual Input application and select Flame as source
  2. Start Streamlabs and choose Video Capture Device as source and on the next screen NDI Video as source.
  3. In Streamlabs go to settings - Audio and select Mic/Auxiliary Device and set it to NDI Audio

Hi Nastuh,
I’m using StreamLabs on Mac, and I have a PC that is using OBS. Both solutions don’t work for NDI audio strait out of flame.

Thanks, your virtual input work around worked, but it’s an awful cumbersome solution. What kills me, is I don’t have any problem from Premiere getting it into Streamlabs, or OBS.

Hi Brooks,

If I works fine with the NDI monitor then it could be a driver/setup issue with OBS Studio. There is a separate NDI driver you need to install from the OBS project website. It is not included with the main install of OBS Studio.

Worth a try.