Mac video out to broadcast monitor

whats the most cost effective way to get an HD-SDI video signal from my MacPro to my broadcast monitor (and analog audio out).

The trusty old Ultrastudio 4k has just died after 10 yrs so its time for a replacement, but i don’t really need the features of the bigger Blackmagic devices.


if i get a BM Ultrastudio Monitor 3g, and a Mini Converter SDI to Audio…will Flame be ok with those two devices?


Right now I am using a UltraStudio Monitor 3G out of my Flame. It only supports HD, but I am fine with that for now. Flame has no problems with it.

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thanks Tim…how do you handle audio (or do you?)

If you don’t mind going through the Mac analog out, instead of using the BMD directly in flame, set the flame to NDI output, pick up the NDI signal in Ultragrid, push the video out over the BMD ultrastudio monitor to broadcast and the audio out over the Mac analog output.

Otherwise a de-embedder on the monitor loop. Or if you’re lucky you’ve maybe got a stereo mini plug on the front of the broadcast you can feed to a mixer over rca for a pretty cheap solution.

I have an unused UltraStudio 4K sitting in a dusty rack if you need a replacement or parts???

For analog audio, the simplest would be one of these: Mini Converters – Tech Specs | Blackmagic Design

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I use the Ultrastudio 4k mini on one of my systems, Much smaller footprint, gives you HDMI, SDI, and analog audio


Same. Also not so loud as the old UltraStudio 4K. But a lot more expensive if you only need HD.

I also have two systems with the DeckLink 12G Extreme cards. There’s some odd inconsistency in BMD’s lineup based on how they utilize lower cost chips.

The UltraStudio 4K can down-convert a 4K to HD signal, but it’s a straight line skip, not a proper downres. You need to go to the 12G Extreme to get the hardware downres.

This only comes into play if you need both 4K and HD signals at the same time (e.g. 4K HDMI to a LG or other big display, and HD to a FSI HD Monitor).

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Thanks chaps for the thoughts…you’ve all confirmed what i was thinking, which is to get the USMonitor 3g and the SDI to Audio converter.

No point spending 2 or 3 times as much for kit i don’t need. I can’t remember the last time i needed to do anything more advanced than feed a single monitor and loudspeakers.

whats Ultragrid? sounds familiar but i can’t remember why!

There’s a fairly exhaustive discussion here:

but from the standpoint of what you’re after this is probably a little better context:

…that post covers setting up NDI output from Flame and then grabbing that output with Ultragrid and pushing it to a broadcast monitor. Initially this was so that someone without a router could use Louper as well as have a broadcast monitor, but it still applies here. The only thing missing in that setup would be setting an audio preview destination which you can select from the Audio playback menu.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 9.17.04 AM

Hope that helps.