Neat Install on Mac issues

I’m trying to get Neat running on a Mac using a floating license server. I keep getting the error “RLM temp directory can not be created.” Any one have any ideas or run up against this before. Same install on Linux works no problem…

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere. I did a quick search and it didn’t turn up much.

I just checked our usually helpful Mac OS install guide:

OpenFX NeatVideo

Install NeatVideo5OFX Version 5.2.5 (Autodesk Flame Family 2020 / 2019.2) from here:

No mention of any complexity other than running that installer and putting the license on the server and using the default ports. Sorry @cnoellert

What version of Mac OS are you running? Smells of permissions but what would i know ¯\(ツ)

Thanks man. Yeah, going with permissions as well. It’s just odd given that I’ve never had a single issue in Linux installs.