OSX Ventura?

im presuming all is good with upgrading to Ventura?


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No idea. Feck it. I’ll try it. Stand by.

Already done it. Seems ok so far.


Flame 2023.1 and Flame 2023.2 are working here for me. Im not in production with this machine at the moment but the update to Ventura was quick and easy.

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only thing I’ve found is my BMD ultra studio 4k isn’t working with flame anymore. it is working with resolve though.


Flame could not find my frame store after the upgrade, is this normal? Any ideas on how to get it back?
It seems like my raid card is no longer found. It is the HighPoint RAID card you recommended Randy, if you have experience/tips.


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check to see if permissions are enabled and wide open on the framestore.

Flame Family 2023.2 is compatible with macOS Ventura, as you can see on our System Requirements page: Flame Family 2023 release system requirements | Flame Products 2023 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

@Jonhollis which version of Desktop Video do you use? We have validated Desktop Video 12.4 on macOS and have not seen issue using BMD cards with our products. If the issue persists, please open a support ticket.

@Rajdarn please make sure Flame and services have permissions to use the storage (Full Disk Access). Major macOS update often remove the permissions.

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im using 12.4 - I am using the ultra studio. its an old project thats been converted - should I try a new project?

No need to create a new project since Video & Audio devices detection is done at the application level and not project. Which version(s) of Flame do you have on your system?

just tried it on my intel Mac Pros and its the same - all greyed out. they have the internal BMD cards

Is the version of Desktop Video you are using compatible with Ventura?

it hasn’t been updated - its v12.4 which is the latest. works perfectly fine with resolve.

@Jonhollis we gave a try on a mac with Ventura using Ultra Studio 4K and Desktop Video 12.4 using the same timing as you have defined in Setup app and see no problem with Flame 2023.2.

Could you show the top of the Setup application so we can see which version is shown. Setup is able t let you edit the configuration of al the versions of Flame on your system and I am wondering if you run the one that you have edited the options for.

Also, do you run Resolve at the same time as Flame? If this is the case you should stop Resolve since both app cannot use the BMD card at the same time. I am sure you are not doing this but just in case.

hi there - sorry for the late reply. I dont run resolve and flame at the same time. and the setup app is definitely on the right flame version. I contacted BMD and they said they dont support Ventura at the moment.

No worry, we are all busy with actual work :wink:

The Desktop Video 2.4 package on BMD web site does not state that Ventura is supported but in our lab we were able to use BMD Preview cards with Flame Family 2023.2 on Ventura 13.0. But if the vendor says it does not support the new OS, I guess we need to stick with that for now and you probably want to run Flame under macOS 12.6.1 for now.

We were expecting to see an updated Desktop Video package for Ventura support at the same time Apple made available Ventura but I guess they are busy working on it. The moment it is available we will have a look.

Hey @Jonhollis Do you have 2 computer monitors hanging off flame? If so disconnect the second one and then see if the BMD will work. After you disconnect the second monitor go and check all the flame settings and reboot your computer

@Jonhollis So we buit the same config as yours in the lab (Mac Studio, Ventura, BMD 12.4, UltraStudio 4K Extreme TB2, Flame 2023.2) and had no issue. Could you show the output of Desktop Video Setup application?

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