Need PC Building/Buying advice for a gaming-type rig

I want to build a gaming PC to run game engines and Embergen.

What are the websites you guys like to spec out PCs and check compatability between parts? Also would love any advice on the matter. I build PCs occasionally, but only like once every ten years, so I’m always messing some things up.

My thinking is an AMD chip, 64 gigs of ram and a 4090 card. I don’t know how much difference various motherboards make.

Get thee over to!

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I mean, add some ram, dual boot and a high-point and it can be your flame too.

Just saying…


Seriously. Buy a P620 off eBay for $1800 and then bring your own ram and a 4070 and boom.

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I agree… PC building is way overrated these days, and I really question how much cheaper it is especially when you give a value to your time.


Wait. Alan agrees with me?

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Yeah, I hear that, but I enjoy the building aspect. I like choosing all the parts and all that junk.

While my “research” into this is still very early, I can build a machine for $3600 that Best Buy is charging $4600 for.

In related news, i was watching the promo video for this case and they should really hire a flame artist to do some beauty on the shot of the USB ports.

edit: real cool guys watch PC case promo videos.

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Andy i build most of my PCs except for the Dell 7920 tower for my flame - but i love the Ryzen cpus (i have a ryzen 7 series)… for a gaming rig/remote station/Houdini or whatever you want. Dont need the top CPU spec for most things especially not gaming - up to you for what type of sweet spot price wise - decide on the socket type then get a motherboard around that cpu. Throw in a fast inexpensive onboard SSD and GFX ( prob biggest expense) and done. My main research was the motherboard and CPU config, everything else was easy to decide - I build my last one in 2021 and its still very fast for all my needs. i enjoy the building and research part of it too.
Noctua NH D15 coolers are amazing
Asus ROG Strix motherboard.
Fractal design meshify 2. great case
Corsair power supplies ( get more than you need - 850Wplus)
CPU paste - any will do
All of these are 2 years old so just get the upgraded versions if need be and the rig will be cost effective and fast
Hope that helps somewhat!