Building a new machine... need advise

We are thinking in build a new complete rig for flame. I have to make/search a full list of specs , thinking in full compatibility for flame / centos 8.2.
For you all with a custom rig, tested and in production with flame, I’d to ask about a detailed list. Specially by motherboard model and cpu. My main hesitage is the intel/amd dilemme. I love ryzens, but I’m afraid about linux-kernel-compatibility or whatever issues with flame.

My general idea is ryzen 9 , maybe threadripper, nvidia 3080 or so, and nvme disks.


The Lenovo P620 can be had for reasonable prices. Threadripper Pro 3975wx or 3995wx all the way. A sub $15,000 investment (includes gpu and 8TB internal nvme raid) will give you sub 5:00 on the Flame Benchmark.

That’s tough to beat.

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And outside of dell or hp machines? I think they are a bit overpriced , like apple. I used to assembly my own home pc’s so I’m not afraid of build a complete custom rig, including the assembly.

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Tell me about this Flame Benchmark. Is it a common batch to render to compare machine-to-machine? I’m very interested in comparing apples to apples.

Thanks Sinan!

Dual Intel whatevers are far pricier and have not gained the performance that the AMD chips have.

Feel free to build your down, but, if you model if after the Lenovo P620 you’re gonna have a good time.

did you end up doing a build? i’m about to start mine and would love to know where you headed. I might do a video series on it too, but thats TBD. I am leaning towards AMD though.

I just received a Lenovo P620 with 3995WX and Nvidia A6000. It is about 2.25x faster than z840 with 2x E5-2690v3 and Nvidia RTX 8000,


Yeah the P620 with a 3975 I have screams. Also just picked up a backup/test machine P620 on Black Friday with a 3955 and RTX A4000 for $3700 shipped and that is still twice as fast as my Mac Pro.