New Backburner Monitor software is just terrible

Is anyone else having speed and Hanging issues using the Backburner Monitor software? We are loading up our cue all the time and it seems to just get terrible once about 25 jobs are in the cue. Whoever is responsible for this crap clearly does not have to use it on a daily basis because if they did there is no way this would cut it.

Mac? Linux?

On Linux anyway, I’ve got a bunch of source cache going in the background, about 90 jobs in the list, and it’s behaving fine. It’s updating the progress in realtime, I can scroll around the list no problem, click on jobs… not sure what’s going on for you.

I have only just come across this so I will get it installed on our Linux and let you know @jesse

Our Backburner Monitor is particularly crap on one of our linux machines today.

Tried a reboot but it is still sloooooow :snail:

Any tips on fixing it up :thinking:

Make sure you are on the latest version of BB Manager. They keep making stability and performance improvements with each release. Also run a single central backburner manager in a VM or container.