New feature request - Animation Lock

I know one of the favorite questions on Logik Live is ‘Auto Key’ on/off, right next to Smoke vs. Flame hotkeys.

I often use Auto Key on, but also find myself making mistakes that way because I forget to toggle it. I’m sure that has happened to many of us.

This could be helped by a new state for automation channels, which exclude a channel from automation while set. So you can keep Auto Key on for your gMask, but are free to change the transparency for better visibility without inadvertently keyframing the transparency with adverse effects.

Would go into the right click menu next to ‘Reset Channel’ perhaps.

If you like that idea, you can vote it up: FL-03168

PS: Similar concept exists on automation in audio apps, where each automation channel has a ‘R’ and ‘W’ mode. The ‘R’ mode would be a separate but less important enhancement, which would retain animation, but ignore it temporarily while you do something.