Important note about 2023: Known issues with the new Animation


If you have looked at the 2023 What’s New page or new videos on the Flame Learning Channel you have noticed that one of the bigger area that we have reworked in this version is the Animation menu.

We have made a lot changes hoping that it will be easier for you to quickly see what you need and to make modifications. That being said, there are issues that were caught too late to be included in this release (a big thanks to our beta testers who found them). I am truly sorry about that. We are working really hard on fixing them and we will do our best to provide a new version containing these fixes as soon as possible.

These issues are:

  1. It is not possible to make operations on channels that do not appear in the Animation list. By default, a Filter is enabled so only channels that have at least one keyframe on them are shown. For example, that makes it impossible to select a node in a schematic and apply a Set Key to add keyframe on all of its channel. This issue can be worked around by disabling the Filter or setting it to Selected instead of Animated.

  2. It is not possible to make operations on channels that are available in the Animation hierarchy list but are located inside a collapsed folder. There is no workaround for this. You will need to make sure that are channels you want to affect are expanded.

  3. Some curves display other than the Animation channel are badly framed when you make modifications to them. This is true for the Denoise histogram for example. You will need to hit the Home button in-between each operations to restore the display.



@fredwarren are these limitation while using autokey enabled or only with autokey disabled and an implicit click in a number field for a key frame?

The status of the Auto Key button doesn’t make any difference here.


These problems have been fixed in 2023.0.1.

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“these problems” … sorry I don’t see the reference …

The three problems enumerated in the first post.

Thanks for the update Fred…

Happy Cinco De Mayo ya’all.


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