No CGI was used to create this post


This is a great series on how “No CGI” really means “Invisible CGI,” and promotional materials that over-hype the use of practical effects:



I used to get super mad about all the “no CG” press, but I’ve decided that what actors and certain directors think of as CG is a giant box of chroma key blue. A Marvel set, if you will. It’s not about whether or not computer generated images are included in the film, but whether or not the basic vibe was clear in-camera.

And if you think about it from an actor/director perspective, esp if the person has been on a modern Marvel-type set, there is a massive difference between a fully built set with some blue cards in the deep background–something you can experience, and light, and act in–and a blue box where the CG goes.

Regardless of all of that, this video series is good and worth a watch. I had no idea that the Top Gun f18s were largely fake, for example (I knew the Su 51s were, cos, um, yeah. Frankly it’s amazing they were allowed to use them and didn’t go with another fake Mig).


I kept waiting for the press to ask so how did you get a non flying f-14 to fly with no cgi, or how about 5th gen fighters that aren’t in our arsenal. It didn’t take much to realize those statements are just funny, or just sad to make for their own weird sense of glory.