Real notes, no context

I’m just talking notes you’ve received that have become forever stuck in your head. But share with no context. No info about the shot, the show, the client, the year, no nothin.

I’ll start off: this one is for whatever reason burned into my brain, I think about it all the time, might get it as a tattoo:

“…v009- Telltale nub fr045.”

“You see that? You see that? You could fit a football in there! Can you do something about that?”

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Hahaha! I saw the context before the edit, but I love it so much out of context

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Hahahah yeah my bad. Missed then no context bit

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Rejected by clearcast for uk tv….reason….”Scary face!”

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Zip It Austin Powers GIF

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Background too saturated. Any way we can get back some detail on the hair?

The squirrel’s genitals are too big. Any way to reduce?