"Notes" Column in Library

2021 Linux

Does anyone happen to know why I can edit the “Notes” column on some clips but other clips I cannot? When they are all brought in the same way? Is there something special in the menu before i bring in clips to make that column editable?
And also has it always been that I cant rename that same column for Folders?

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I just ran into the same thing. In the media panel is a Notes column that I wanted to put the spot numbers into for a bunch of TVCs I’m working on. Then I can keep my internal names intact but still easily reference the spot number and sort by it.

Unfortunately, near as I can tell, this field is only editable for clips, not sequences… or folders, batches, libraries, reels or anything else that winds up in the media panel.

I thought maybe shift-V on a sequence and typing in a note there would show up in the notes column in the media panel but that doesn’t work either. A field other than clip name to be able to enter arbitrary information and sort it would be handy in many situations.

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