Favorite addition to Flame

I just wanted to share my appreciation for CTL-SHIFT (flame) replace media.

I know I am a few versions (2020.3) behind but working with multi layered EXRs it is such a vital tool I have no idea what I would do without it now.

It has to be one of my favorite additions but maybe I am forgetting/missing some corkers.


I love the new gui colours in animation, in 2022

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It’s a really small thing but the right click rename on the tabs of open sequences. You can do it on the viewer as well.

Because it is possible to have clips in different orders in the open sequence tabs, to the reels and to the reels view at the side, it’s been all too easy for me to lose the master I’m working on. Renaming it with a right click at least helps me to find it.

And motion vectors.


I’m grateful copy/paste was finally updated to align with the 21st century.

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I never knew that . . . . but I am an inveterate “refresher.” There is a hot key that closes all the open sequences, then I reselect and open them again with a hotkey. If we had MACROS(!!!) it would be super easy to create a one keystroke operation that did this.

I did ask some years ago if we could have ctrl w to close one sequence and ctrl alt w to close all sequences in a reel like on a Mac application. But not sure it’s been added.

Yeah, that’s a handy one, finally its there. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m on 2022 and it is now here. I set space-w to open selected sequences, so to refresh I select all the clips in the reel, ctl-SMOKE-w closes them all and space-w reopens them all, sorting all the tabs the same way as the media panel. (actually it opens the tabs in selection order, but I select them from top to bottom. If I had selected bottom to top, they would open in that order.)

Revelation! Nice one @johnt
i never knew that. I love a new hotkey/shortcut.

Another I quite like is F3 to collapse the open sequence F5 to get timeline view of the sequence. What is nice is you can drag a collapsed sequence holding the pen button and copy it all without losing the viewer window.

Now if you do stuff on this copy and it is stink, let’s say, you can collapse (F3) then right click and delete. (If you drag it off the bottom it just closes it.)

I’m recently loving the space + tab search function in batch. Saves me so much time when im constructing my node trees; It even searches through matchbox shaders!


Looking forward to that @friendlyape . I played around with a Python script that simulated that effect but really looking forward to getting the real deal in 2022 (slow adopter here).

@johnt Thanks for the tips. F3 to collapse is excellent. I hardly ever use that view but it enables me to re- order my edits and then F5, the tabs are in the order I want. Up until now I was closing and re-opening.