Old NAB or IBC Smoke titles sequence tutorial video link

Morning All,

Looking for an old tutorial video…

I’m sure I rememebr a tutorial video that was used (maybe) at one of the trade shows where an artist on Smoke built a intro titlles sequence for Las Vagas (or something like that) with lots of pillars swooshing up out of the floor, and reflections everywhere and sparkles, but I can’t find it anywhere…

The bit I’m really after is how they did the floor reflections, but I’d like to watch it all again. Is it on YouTube or anywhere I can watch it?



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Paging @andy_dill for for four reflections advice.

The only place I know where we have videos from old NAB/IBC demos is in the Flame Demos section of the Flame Learning Channel on Youtube


Wasn’t that @RobONeill? I downloaded it some years back and still had a copy. I’ve put it up to youtube in a playlist. Hopefully the lads in Canada won’t be upset.

Thank you both for those. It’s not what I was thinking of, but it’s certainly going to be very useful to me, and I thank you.

I’ll trawl through the lot eventually!

As I remember it, the video I’m thinking of contained no shot elements at all, and was produced entirely from the tools available in Smoke at the time… and it contained the “old such and such reflections trick” were you got reflections on the floor for free. Problem is I can’t remember who’s reflections trick it was, nor can I now find the video…

I also think I found the video by reading a discussion on reflections on here or the Autodesk Area… but I can’t find them either! I’m sure it was hosted on YouTube, but wasn’t obviously labeled.

I need to start bookmarking stuff!

Thanks again,


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Talking of bookmarking stuff, I’ve been searching for a website that was called the Wizard Bumbledore or something. It had comping times from nuke and some from flame. I’m sure I used to have a bookmark. Just writing it here in case you or anyone else has heard of it, has and address?

The Site was called http://dumbledorf.co.uk
Unfortunately it’s gone. Torsten though has some videos still on his Vimeo Channel that can be found here
torsten neuendorf
Hope that helps


This may or may not be similar, but here’s a reflection setup I built to demo how I generate reflections when using 3d cameras and such


I have found it!

It’s called “Dancing Panels Effects Template Tutorial” and was an old Brian Mulligan thing from 2013.

It was the “old inverted camera reflections trick” I was looking for!

It is here…

Many thanks for the tips and recommendations (and the batch setup)! As always, they’re a great help to me, and I thank you for them.


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The link to download the template has expired. I don’t suppose anyone has it that they can share do they?

@andy_dill ’s setup above should get you the same thing.

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