On-set rig setup

In may @craig.higgins had asked about on set keying. Here’s my setup and some quick info…
We have a 2015 MacPro trashcan running Flame. I usually create an animatic with bfx setups for animations like text and packshot. I capture the output from the camera directly and replace the shots.
We use an M1 MacMini running Isadora. It’s a real-time audiovisual engine, aimed at live performances, concerts, video mapping. We have a DecLink Duo 2 in an extension box for capturing 2 or 4 SDI sources, usually setup for 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
It can overlay these video sources, text, guides and capture video as quicktime. It is a node-based real-time compositing environment with additional support for MIDI and USB control.
We have a Streamdeck and an Akai LPD8 controller for adjusting parameters physically with knobs and buttons. It also has blinking lights as a bonus…

There is a video matrix to send camera outputs, Flame output, or Isadora output to the director, DOP and client separately.

As always, hit me with questions…


Thanks Sinan, I’ve not seen Isadora before… does it have a keyer? We used Assimilate live assist previously

Yes. It does have a simple chroma keyer but I prefer on-set comping the material in Flame. It would work for interactively setting up the set though.

Sure, but does it make coffee?

No. But neither do these.

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Thank you for the kind words. We are a production company with our own motion control robots and studio, so it’s an in-house production rig. Kudos must go to my colleague @Terje who put in all the design and implementation efforts.