Does anyone know what the contents of this folder do?

Asking for a friend… Can they be manipulated at all to retrieve contents of a project which was accidentally deleted?!? :grimacing:

Do not take my word for it. However I understand it’s just the shortcut list of Archives you’ve accessed in MediaHub/Archives/

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The folder contains information so that you can see what is on an archive outside of flame. If that folder exists, however, it means an archive was made, so if the project was deleted it should be recoverable from the archive. The archive itself, however, does not exist there.

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Thanks guys. That’s extremely helpful, probably much more than you realise!

if you have accidentally deleted a project, there is not much that can be done sadly. the content located in /opt/Autodesk/archive contains the archive Table of Content (TOC) so you can see the content of an archive in case where header has been corrupted. You can also see the HTML Table Of Content in a web browser, if the option was enabled when you created the archive.

It is wise to have automation to back up important folders like /opt/Autodesk/project folder on a nighty basis. Many large studios do that and many lifes have been saved with a simple cron job running in at night in the background.

Thanks Stéphane. We do have a nightly automated backup of opt/aiutodesk/project, but this snapshot is overwritten every three days.
Turns out that in this case the archive had indeed been made before project deletion, but then the archive was deleted from its network location at some time later. And the fact that the archive no longer exists only came to light several weeks later. So good old-fashioned user error.
It was still very useful to prove that the archive had once existed, so thanks @aaronneitz @ytf !

Oh! Sorry to hear that! Hope you will be able to get back on your feet without too mich hassle.