Project deletion

Is it safe to manually delete projects from the /opt/Autodesk/projects folder?
I have 63G of stuff in there which does not show when launching Flame, (all versions selected).
Neither do they show in the project.db.

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Hi Paul,

Are these projects from a old version of Flame that was uninstalled and projects archived?

Before you start deleting things in the file system, check with Autodesk support to see if there are any steps.

I normally advise people not to do this as the potential corruption is quite high.

Good luck.

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Randy has outlined what you want to do. I have heard it called blatting the box. Just wiping the stone & projects but keeping the flame app around in a clean state.

There is a process in place for cleaning project remnants up that should not affect existing projects or media/installations. If you open a support case to address this, you can reference knowledge article 000324569.

In general I wouldn’t touch anything in opt/Autodesk/projects manually.

Hi Grant, yes old projects from previous versions, also not showing in the project DB.

Hi! @paul_round How did everything pan out with this one? Did you get it figured out?

I wanted to piggy back on this post as I wasn’t finding one in my search that was helping, but instead of deleting projects from the finder manually…what about media? Deleted a bunch of old projects after archiving but still see all the media in this other Managed Media folder that flame doesnt connect to…(Was having issues seeing the Managed media folders a while ago and so made a new one and now 2024 is working), but this older one Flame doesnt point to anymore.

Can I just “manually” delete these old .movs in the old managed media folder that flame doesnt point to anymore? Could i potentially just delete this entire old Media Managed Folder?

Mac studio, Flame 2024

Hi Amanda,
Yes it worked out fine, This was on a linux box however, so not sure if it will different on a mac.
I did do a backup prior to deleting the projects, just in case, but it didn’t cause any issues.
However, in a shell, I still see a huge list of projects from way back, all starting with the line:
Preserving ./project name.

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