Deleting an archived Flame project


would like to delete (under gear’) an archived Flame ‘Archive’ or ‘Achive Session’, but ‘delete’ is always greyed out.

In the past I erased Archives with Finder (macOS) but if there are multiple Archives (of same project) under the same folder I am afraid I could delete the wrong thing…

What could be the reason that ‘Delete’ is not available(greyed out)?



I am on Flame 2021.2

Missed this last year Joe, sorry about that. One does not simply delete Archives from Flame. It’s a bit weird that way. Basically, you can’t/done delete portions of Flame Archives. The only way is to delete an entire archive and re-write the intended portion.

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Since you have resurrected this thread @randy

The jumble of segments you see in the Mac Finder is indeed a problem when trying to remove just one archive from a bundle.

I have been asking artists to create subfolders to contain specific archives but this is less than ideal.

Whilst we are on the topic of deleting archives. How do you remove/reduce the list of bookmarked/recent archives you get shown in the archive tab?


If you want to remove all the recent archive list in the archive tab, go to the “/opt/Autodesk/archive” directory and you can delete all the files there. The next time you refresh the archive tab, all the entries will be gone.

Just be aware that these are also backups of your archive headers. So if you main archive header gets corrupt, there is a chance to restore using these headers. Deleting them removes that protection. So it’s up to you.



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Thanks @La_Flame I could archive them (ha) off somewhere else :thinking: