Paint brush attributes - front and matte settings

Hi Logik,

quick question - how do you use an incoming source to affect the brush attributes? I can’t see an intuitive way a source image could affect pressure for example.


Gareth Parry

I have never heard of such a thing. Is this possible in other applications?

It is says it is possible in Flame - brush attributes have a drop down in the same place as ‘pressure’ etc that says ‘front’.

I just wondered if anyone knows how to use it.

I would imagine that it’s a multiplicative effect based on the luminance values in the front or the matte.
I’ve never met anyone that used it, but I live a pretty sheltered life so that’s a meaningless qualification.
Try it.
Post your results as a tutorial?

In all these years I’ve only used pressure, constant and off. This is pretty interesting. I’ll try to keep it in mind and maybe find a use for it. The one thing I can think of offhand is cleaning up lens spots in which the luminance changes behind the spot and might require a heavier or lighter touch. This fits into the Today I Learned category

Thanks Phil - your guess was correct. So a 1-100 ramp as matte input to the paint node will modify stroke thickness when size attribute set to ‘matte’.


Interesting - never thought about it.

Sometimes you hear about these type of cross-over drivers when elements like paint brush strokes are driven by the audio-track/music for motion graphic type effects. I guess you could use that here. Pulsing brush to match the audio track of a promo.

The other more Flame like use case, instead of cutting your paint work with a matte, you could use the matte to feather the brush pressure, similar to the way selective fx work with blurs, where the semi-transparent area of the matte also reduces the blur radius instead of just the pixel blending.